1. Accounting (QuickBooks, CFO, Bookkeeping)
    Keeping your books throughout the year can sound like a simple task, but spending a few hours each week can add up to an overwhelming mountain in front of you. According to a recent survey, over 40% of small business owners spend well over 80 hours each year keeping their books organized enough for their CPA to prepare a tax return from. This equates to being out of your business for over 2 - 3 weeks! Does your business run that smoothly? Let us handle the monthly bookkeeping tasks and you run your business, after all, no one will run it like you can!
  2. Individual Income Tax Preparation
    Preparing individual income taxes has become increasingly more difficult over the years. According to statistics released by the U S Government, more than 75% of 71+million American taxpayers surveyed believe they have benefited by hiring a professional tax preparer. You have individual needs: whether you are filing a simple form as a student, or you are slightly more seasoned and have investments or income from multiple sources. There are different filing requirements and a wide array of forms and schedules that must be completed and filed in a timely manner. The IRS still has many tax credits available for many different situations. Likewise, there are many possible penalties the IRS will assess based on failure to provide required information and/or trying to take deductions that are not allowed. With multiple years experience working with Form 1040 and the related schedules and attachments, we will maximize your refund while limiting your exposure to changes by the IRS. Let us handle the details while you enjoy your life with family and friends.
  3. Business Income Tax Returns
    Business income tax returns may seem relatively simple at first glance, but failure to provide proper reporting to the IRS, or filing those returns late can result in very large and compounding penalties and interest. With penalties as much as $195 per shareholder or partner, per month a return is filed late, these amounts can quickly add up. On top of the forms the IRS requires to be filed, there are also local Tangible Personal Property Returns, and Florida Annual Report filings. If you and/or your business are located outside the State of Florida, there are other implications that may come into play. You have a business to run, and you have become very good at it over the years. Leave the financial reporting and compliance to us.
  4. IRS Notices and Late Filing of Tax Returns
    Firstly - remember the IRS will NEVER call you on the telephone nor will they e-mail you. They do NOT do this, PERIOD! The IRS does send letters to correspond with you. They will send you a letter to notify you of changes, to request additional information (otherwise known as an audit or correspondence exam). Any contact with the IRS can be nerve-racking at best. Let us ease the pain and anxiety by handling all of your needs directly with an agent of the IRS. We will provide what they need, when they want it, and answer their questions with only the information they are entitled to. Experienced with many years of successful resolutions and positive outcomes dealing with many IRS and Department of Revenue jurisdictions, no matter too large or small. If you find you have missed a filing requirement, it is best to file, regardless of tax liability that might be due. Filing will at least stop or slow the penalties and interest that will continue to accrue until all filing and payments are current. Let us help bring you into compliance, call today.
  5. Payroll & Sales Tax
    Most businesses have some form of payroll filing that must be completed at various intervals throughout the year. Missing one little deadline can cause large penalties for your business. Let us take the worry off your hands and take care of your payroll needs. Sales Tax is another of those necessary evils that incurs large penalties for late or non-filing. Simply provide us with your sales information on a regular basis and we will keep you from getting into trouble. We can file all payroll reports as required by State and Federal agencies to keep your business compliant. We will also help you with tax planning that can put more money in your pocket throughout the year, while minimizing your tax liability at filing time.
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